Welcome to Palekastro… here few info about the village.

Palekastro is a large village of about 1100 inhabitants and located in the easternmost end of Crete.
The local economy is mainly based on agriculture, olive growing, bee-keeping, fishing and commerce.
The beauty of Palekastro lies also on the many beautiful beaches of the area that started to attract tourism in the past several years. A number of apartments, studios and a few small hotels as well as ‘rooms for rent’ are available, both in the village and near the beaches. There are plenty of restaurant to choose from as well and prices are still very reasonable.
The car ride from the main airport in Heraklion to Palekastro is about two and half hours long. The road will take you along the north coast of Crete passing major touristic areas such as Malia first and later Aghios Nicholaos, before reaching the calm town of Sitia located just 20km before Palekastro.
The closest beach is Chiona, about 20 minutes walk from the village. Chiona offers a fine sand beach and the best protection from the meltemi wind (the north wind that blows in the summer months).
Kouremenos beach always within a walking distance from the village is the most popular spot for the windsurf fanatics, here you can practice your favorite sport for several months during the summer time because the meltemi usually blows every day from June until late september.
The tourists who come this far are here mainly looking for peace and quiet and what could be described as the ‘real Crete’.

The region was one of the most important commercial centres of the Minoan culture in the extreme east of the island of Crete. Accordingly there are still a lot of remains of Minoan culture especially at Roussolakkos (near the beach of Chiona. It is the only Minoan city to have survived intact. Its harbor, outlying settlements, sanctuaries, and quarries were preserved under sediments.