School The perfect flat-water conditions create the ideal place to learn new moves, easily. Our guests are also supported with video analysis and a professional and experienced surf teaching team. Hannes has the C-licence from VÖWS, plus many years of experience with beginners and intermediates. [s] school programme We are offering everything from Beginners and special step courses to individual surf move training – a diverse course programme. Beginner’s course will take place on specialised beginner’s equipment and a maximum of 5 people in any session. Step course (3 hours practise and 1 hour theory) stretches over 2-3 days, what you learn can then be furthered during your individual surfing time. The theory is brought-in between the practice courses. Prices Beginner

2h Schulung 60 Euro
8h Schulung 160 Euro


4h- equipment included 90 Euro
4h- equipmen excluded 120 Euro
1h Private Lesson- equipment included 40 Euro
1h Private Lesson-equipment excluded 50 Euro