Surf and Wind Conditions picture-1 picture-9 Around Palekastro, the ‘Meltemi’ increases its power through the local thermal and afunnelling effect that gives the ground wind an additional 2 Beaufort. This makes Kouremenos beach one of the most wind-certain spot in the whole of Europe. This is also why the largest windmill generators park in Greece is in the surrounding area. The bay offers perfect flat-water conditions near the shore. The advanced and intermediates can practise their surf moves in the clear blue water of Kouremenos Beach. You can find perfect conditions for picture-42 planning as well as professional freestyle. There are small waves further out, where the absolute freaks can let them-selves go. This is the ideal place for surfers who want to brake-in their first ‘chop hop’. The entrance to the sea, is marked with buoys and beginners will easily and safely be able to practice around this area. Through the flat water and sandy shore, it is an ideal and effortless entrance. picture-51 The wind blows side shore from the left and achieves a wind force between 4 and 7 Beaufort. During the summer season, the average wind force is approximately 6 Beaufort. The most used sail size: 4.5 – 5.3

Here is a video from last year !

Wind Statistics 2012

April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct.
+4 Bft. 20 21 25 28 27 20 18
+6 Bft. 10 12 14 15 13 14 7

Visual Wind Statistics 2013