Nearby Freak Surf Dakhla you find three hotels at your choice

Dakhla Attitude was the very first water sport complex founded in this remote destination that offers a convenient accommodation next to the flat-water lagoon with steady winds. Now, Dakhla Attitude has the biggest water sport center in Dakhla and proudly, one of the largest worldwide. Dakhla Attitude offers well equipped bungalows, a spacious beach bar and all kinds of leisure activities.

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PK25 is the first boutique sports hotel in Dakhla that provides excellent service and accommodation in stylish bungalows. It is located in the best place of Dakhla lagoon where you can kitesurf with all wind directions. PK25 consists of 32 bungalows, each with an amazing view of the lagoon. Perfect for singles, couples, families or groups Рup to 4 people can sleep in high comfort.

Logo Hotel Westpoint

Westpoint Dakhla is the first eco-hotel right in front of the world class surf and kitesurf spot in Morocco – Oum Lamboiur! Westpoint cottages feature a harmonic blend of nature, privacy and comfort. There are 40 newly built eco-friendly two-floor cottages facing the Atlantic Ocean, located on the cliff edge. They are perfect for families and groups up to 4 people.

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