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World class Windsurf Spot in the Desert

If you are looking for a windy place to windsurf, you have hit the jackpot. The Dakhla lagoon is a world class windsurf spot for all levels from beginner to professional. Close to the beach you have perfect flat water conditions- further out the water is choppy – it is the best playground to learn your first chop hop or even the latest freestyle moves.
The famous speed spot situated just around the corner will give you:

  • 330 windy days a year
  • perfect flat water heaven
  • windsurfing in the desert
  • unspoilt and uncrowded

NE is the main wind direction – the average wind speed is 15-25 knots in winter, in the summer month you can even expect more then 30 knots.
Outside Temperature: from December to March: 20-24 and from June to November 23-25
Water: December to May around 21 and from June to November around 24


Freak Surf Crete Team
Hannes Unterweger

Founder and owner of Freak Windsurf Dakhla Attitude
He is a passionate Windsurfer for more then 25 years .
15 years ago he opened with his girlfriend Davina the Freak Surfstation in Palekastro/Crete/Greece
With his family he lives between Dakhla, Palekastro and London.

Lukas Grolitsch

Founder and owner of Freak Windsurf Dakhla Attitude
He will professionally run and manage the Freak Windsurf Dakhla Attitude center.
The last 4 years he was based in Palekastro and he was running with Hannes the
Freak Surfstation.

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