World class Windsurf Spot in the Desert!

If you are looking for a windy place to windsurf, you have hit the jackpot.

The Dakhla lagoon is a world class windsurf spot for all levels from beginner to professional. Close to the beach you have perfect flat water conditions- further out the water is choppy – it is the best playground to learn your first chop hop or even the latest freestyle moves. The famous speed spot situated just around the corner will give you:
  • 330 windy days a year
  • perfect flat water heaven
  • windsurfing in the desert
  • unspoilt and uncrowded
NE is the main wind direction – the average wind speed is 15-25 knots in winter, in the summer month you can even expect more then 30 knots. Outside Temperature: from December to March: 20-24 and from June to November 23-25 Water: December to May around 21 and from June to November around 24
See you soon.
Your Freak Windsurf Team